Thursday, December 18, 2008

ECOWAS 2020 Vision website


Background Information 

The ECOWAS Vision Project seeks to capture what the ECOWAS Community as a collective body envisions or desires the future of the West African region to be, and the manner West Africans should go about to realize that vision. ECOWAS is currently soliciting the opinions or contributions of knowledgeable and concerned ECOWAS citizens through a variety of consultations. The public, especially ECOWAS citizens are invited to be part of this process by answering questions here and joining discussions at our facebook group.This strategic vision document centres around five pillars which are non-threatening to sovereignty, represent critical demographic trends and serve as vital links towards greater African unity and global values. These five pillars are:
Women, Children and Youth 
The business community (economic actors)
Infrastructure (both physical and "soft" i.e. ICT, HR etc.)

Components of the Project

The three main components of the Vision Project are:
ECOWAS Today: this section describes and analyses the current status of the West African region and the integration process. 
The ECOWAS of Our Dreams: this section sets out the vision of the desired West African future. 
Realizing the Vision: this section proposes recommendations on how to achieve the Vision. 


The ECOWAS Vision 2020 document is expected to be fully delivered to the ECOWAS Commission by mid December, 2008. However, the site shall continue to operate for the purposes of information dissemination and follow up on this project.