Sunday, January 04, 2009


Dear regionswatcher,

I guess I should have started off by wishing all of u a profoundly prosperous and progressive new Year ahead.

I want to thank all of you for your continued patronage. That said, I want to single out TWN's Riaz T for the very constructive criticism he offered for the blog.

It is indeed a new year, and with it come fresh ideas, mixed with the working old ones. Some of the newbies here include the fact that you can now get to this blog by simply going to:

RegionsWatch was born 5 yrs ago -- and better things are to come, with the formal launching of the new site in March.

For now, though, I want to remind you that if you missed my following of the ACP Summit on this blog, you can go to the blog and check under October to follow the entries. A technical hitch prevented you all from obtaining deep insights as the conference went on. I hope you can check it out.

RegionsWatch is a passion, and long will it continue. From ECOWAS in Guinea-Conakry to the timerous Arab League, this blog will always be clear about one thing:

there will ALWAYS be a regional solution.

Happy New Year!
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These words brought to you by Ogo.

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Tom said...

Google’s Blog alert sent me to this post because of the term “regional.” This blog should be useful to subscribers of Regional Community Development News, so I will include a link to it in the January 14, 2009 issue. A link to the newsletter will be found at My sites are a passion as well. I've worked as a regional planner in the U.S. since 1973. What I found, since my launch of the Regions Work Initiative 1998, is that sub-state and multi-state regionalism had many of the elements of geopolitics that multi-national politics have. I have developed geo-tags for our local planet and a prefix tag - re: - for topics which have a regional dimension. These can be found at Your Regions Watch might use the same tags. In the U.S. - Virginia section I've begun two geo-tag categories, one for topics and one for organizations. Visibility of organizations and their alignment is, a way to build regional community and get more leverage out of every action. The build out has been slow, but I do have an overall vision. Please visit, check the tools and consider a link if you are involved in regions work. Tom